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Motor Graders

A motor grader, or road grader, is a versatile machine for creating flat surfaces in grading projects. Its precise moldboard blade excels in both rough and fine grading. Trust Sales Inc. for top-quality motor graders backed by industry expertise.

bull dozer


A dozer, also known as a bulldozer or crawler, is a powerful machine for earthmoving and construction. With a front blade and rear ripper, it efficiently pushes and digs through various materials. Rely on Sales Inc. for dozers that deliver unmatched performance.

volvo truck

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks, featuring hydraulic lifts and varying axle configurations, are essential for transporting heavy materials. They handle diverse payloads efficiently. Sales Inc. offers reliable dump trucks meeting the highest standards of efficiency.

water truck

Water Trucks

Water trucks control dust and provide potable water in remote areas or after disasters. They ensure a stable water supply for various needs. Sales Inc. supplies dependable water trucks for all your project needs.



Excavators, with a bucket, arm, rotating cab, and tracks, are essential for earthmoving. They perform tasks from trenching to lifting and mining. Sales Inc. provides advanced excavators for optimal project performance.

service truck with background

Service Trucks

Service trucks, with air compressors and small cranes, cater to on-site repair and maintenance needs. They enhance operational productivity by efficiently lifting and maneuvering tools. Trust Sales Inc. for functional and reliable service trucks.

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